Not liking how lean I actually was getting & abs still weren’t popping out like I wanted. I started going to the gym at the end of 2014 actually wearing baggy clothing at first, hiding in the women’s area or a corner away from everyone.

I felt awkward, didn’t know exactly what I was doing at first, and thought everyone was looking at me.

All I knew was, I was working out and eating a lot. I didn’t feel confident & I didn’t like my body fully and wanted to change that.

To be continued....

It was 2013 and fitness on social media was on a rise. I admired women like Pilar Sanders and was an avid follower in the “Black Girls Workout Too” movement. During this time I did cardio 5x’s a week( Zumba, Jillian Michael’s DVD’s, and Black Girls Workout Too dvd).

My nutrition was 2 shakes, 1 meal and a snack or two.
I definitely wasn’t eating enough or properly fueling my body to reach my goals.😐

One day as I stepped out the shower, I looked in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw. As my body leaned out & abs were coming in, I noticed my curves were gone.

I had done so much cardio on a calorie deficit without any weight training to build and maintain muscle, I lost my curves that I barely had to begin with.

I felt worst off than I started. 😢

The Summer of 2015 the program I was following, included Powerlifting elements; specifically squats. # Squat EveryDay

I researched it and was instantly hooked! This changed the trajectory of my journey. My mindset shifted towards achieving challenges and pushing myself further than I could believe. In 2016,I started competing in Powerlifting.

Over the years since then I’ve always incorporated bodybuilding building basics because it’s the base of my journey and I just love weight training and how it transforms you!

My confidence, mindset, and work ethics have all been elevated and pushed past my potential all because of a barbell.

I wouldn’t trade it for the world! 💜

I got into fitness at the age of 33 with the mindset of changing my body to look “fit”.

I had the goal of being lean enough for my abs to pop. I’ve always been on the really skinny side but much of my late 20’s up until this point I had been “skinny fat”. I know you’re thinking what is that all about.

Well, it’s the people you perceive to be skinny but they are usually tall and store a lot of body fat in the abdominal area and/or lower back. This is hard to spot when they’re clothed.

Personally, I just didn’t like the way I felt and wanted to feel more energetic and confident, along with a less pudgy waist area.

This ushered in my “Skinny 2 Fit” era a theme I used in 2015. Once I learned you can build muscle and create curves
through weight training and nutrition.....

( wish I’d known this earlier)

It was gains on!!!

Confidence booming... gym clothes shopping... and lots of squatting!

This is my now, and I’m ready to help others find their “fit” in the world!

My Journey so far....